Let's chat about Ghost, your go-to platform for blogs and newsletters. It's already packed with features, but to really unlock its potential, you'll want to dive into integrations. Ghost isn't just about what's built-in; it's about the endless possibilities of connecting with other tools online. With some integrations on their way out (like AMP), it's crucial to focus on the ones that truly enhance your blogging experience.

Ghost offers some neat built-in integrations, including favourites like Unsplash and Zapier, but there's a whole world of third-party tools waiting to take your blog to the next level. Whether you're looking to simplify tasks or make your content pop, the right integrations can make a world of difference.

So, if you're ready to find out how to supercharge your Ghost blog in 2024 with the most effective integrations, keep reading. We're going to explore the best of what's built-in and what's available from the wider web to help your Ghost blog stand out.

Best Built-In Integrations

There isn't really much to discuss the built-in integrations, except that they're all great. One thing to note is that AMP will be retired with the release of Ghost 6.0, which is in line with Google, so it won't hurt your SEO.


This is your go-to for automating tasks. Connecting your Ghost blog to external services like email providers, social media platforms, or even other apps becomes a breeze. With Zapier, the possibilities are nearly endless, allowing you to focus more on creating content and less on the repetitive tasks.


Keep your community in the loop by automatically sending new posts to your Slack channels. This integration is perfect for creators with a dedicated following or a private community, ensuring your latest content is immediately shared with your most engaged readers.


Say goodbye to the hassle of finding high-quality images for your posts. With Unsplash integration, you can easily search and insert stunning images right from the Ghost editor, all without worrying about copyright issues.


Looking to monetize your newsletter or blog? FirstPromoter can help you set up referral programs effortlessly, making it easier to grow your subscriber base through word-of-mouth.


Edit images on the fly with Pintura, a handy tool for those who want to ensure their visuals are just right. Available to Ghost (Pro) customers, it adds an extra layer of polish to your posts.

That's all about the native integrations. I hope you'll make a good use of them, but now let's look at a few others.

Top 3rd party integrations

The above-mentioned ones are 3rd party as well, but this sounds good, so let's keep it that way. There weren't any objective criteria for the following, other than the usefulness I found over the last few years.


Ditch complicated analytics for Plausible, a privacy-friendly, open-source web analytics tool (looking at you, Google). It's perfect for those who want to understand their audience without infringing on their privacy. Plus, no need for cookie banners here!


Not just for developers, GitHub can simplify theme updates and customizations for your Ghost blog. By setting up a custom integration, you can streamline the process of updating your site, making it easier to maintain and enhance.


If you're in need of forms for surveys, feedback, or any other interaction with your audience, Tally offers a flexible and intuitive solution. Its Notion-like editor makes form creation simple, and its free plan is incredibly generous.


For those needing more from their newsletter than what's built-in with Ghost, ConvertKit offers advanced segmentation and automation features. It's user-friendly and designed to make email marketing less of a chore than with some competitors.


Exclusive to the Apple ecosystem, Ulysses offers a distraction-free writing environment with powerful management features. Its seamless integration with Ghost allows for an efficient workflow from draft to publication. If that's up your alley, don't bother with the rest.


Ghost is poised to remain a leading platform for bloggers and newsletter creators in 2024, thanks in part to its versatile integration capabilities. Whether through its built-in options or the vast array of third-party tools available, these integrations offer ways to enhance your content, engage your audience, and streamline your workflow.

Remember, these are just a few of the many integrations compatible with Ghost. The key is to explore and find the tools that best fit your needs, helping you to create, publish, and promote your content more effectively. With the right integrations, your Ghost blog can truly become a powerhouse of productivity and creativity.

Happy blogging, and here's to making your Ghost blog better than ever in 2024!